Which candidate is truly committed to students?

The candidates discuss priorities at SDAAE community event

October 10, 2018: The Del Mar Times, Karen Billing   

Excerpt from the article and my stand on the District’s priorities 

“The San Diego Asian Americans for Equality held a San Dieguito Union High School District candidate forum in Pacific Highlands Ranch on Oct. 2. Area 5 candidates Lea Wolf, Cheryl James-Ward and Kristin Gibson spoke on topics such as their campaign priorities, the budget and finances, safety and wellness and the qualities that make an effective board member.”

Empowering Students with Life Skills 

“Wolf would like to see the board create more open and honest communication and bring all stakeholders together to “build a sound plan for kids first and foremost,” focusing on students’ wellbeing and equipping them with the tools they need to succeed. She said the district is lacking instruction in life skills for students—she believes it should be integrated into their everyday learning.”

Commitment to Restorative Justice

“This year, I advocated for kids who were harshly punished by the district,” Wolf said. “These kids really made innocent mistakes. We must institute restorative justice for kids. We need to allow kids to fail and give them guidance on how to solve these issues by shifting leadership to them.”

The Financial Impact on Class Sizes 

“Wolf said she has taken a close look at the financial aspects of the district and how funds are allocated. She referenced how in 2016 the board, “the majority of which are union-controlled,” voted 3-2 for “12.5 percent to 30 percent increase pay raise for everyone unilaterally.” Wolf said the contract also increased class sizes to a potential average of 38 average students and she said many kids experience class sizes of 45-plus.”

The Financial Impacts of a Union-Controlled Board 

“These board members who are union-controlled have compromised the well-being and the quality of the education because they fiscally misallocated the funds for their own special interests,” Wolf said. “When the district says they have no money don’t believe them…We have enough money. The way we spend it is reckless, wasteful and goes to special interest groups.”

About my Character, Courage and Commitment 

“ I have been a regular voice on my own time and resources for students this year…I have the courage to ask really hard questions and speak up when I think things are wrong,” said Wolf. “I welcome hard questions because if I know what people are thinking, we can solve any problem collaboratively. ”

My actions speak louder than words:  

  • My real commitment to students and their families
  • The courage to speak up and advocate for students
  • Regularly attend board meeting to understand the issues.
  • My integrity, compassion, and courage to speak up the truth.
  • My non-affiliation with any political ground and self-funded campaign

“ Taxpayers and students need an independent representative who will look out for their interests…
a parent of a district student…with fresh ideas.
Lea is an outspoken voice for students and their parents… one of the few that dares to speak out.
Lea has the courage, commitment, and integrity to be a student-centered trustee.”

John Salazar, SDUHSD Board Trustee

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