We are blessed to live in a fabulous community, however, we continue to face real challenges due to power hungry trustees, politically driven, and beholden to special interest groups

It seems that issues has gotten worse at SDUHSD

2020-2021 Specific Issue and My Stance

2018-2019 Specific Issue and My Stance

“No vision, no leadership, no planning, no transparency, no communication, 
no answers, no solutions. The pattern repeats itself.” 

Marsha Sutton, Del Mar Times Educational Reporter

We Made a Difference!

To my many supporters and voices for change, we may not have gotten to the finish line, but we succeeded in our mission to bring fresh perspective to the conversation about our district’s [...]

When will it be true?

“We can't keep brushing over this shit. it's not ok. If something bad happens at school, We should be able to talk about it, We should be heard and supported. We say mental health is a [...]

Getting Harassed!

As the school year gets further underway and the election draws nearer, San Dieguito Union High School District faces turmoil over the direction of its leadership. School board candidate Lea [...]

A Conflict of Interest

For 7-years, former teachers’ union president, Bob Croft, was employed by the District but did not teach in the classroom. Croft was paid a full teacher’s salary from school funds to the extent [...]

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