My Top Priorities and Pledge

We need a trustee that prioritizes the best interest of every student not influenced by politics, personal agendas, or power.

Nothing has changed, it might even have gotten worse…

My Top Priorities are to Empower Students

Oppose vaccine mandate

I oppose vaccine mandates. I will fight for every student and family to find solutions against the tyranny of forcing our children to be vaccinated.

Support mask optional

Ensure schools remain open safely for in person instruction

Oppose CRT! Promote Civic Studies

  • Oppose Critical Race Theory
  • Promote curriculum on citizenship responsibilities
  • Advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equal access

Transparency and Accountability

Implement systems to:

  • Increase fiscal transparency and accountability
  • Ensure accountability of all district personnel
  • Make public records accessible in a timely manner

Mental Health, Social-Emotional, Life Skills

Commit resources to implement programs and curriculum to:

  • Strengthen mental health and social emotional learning
  • Develop self-awareness, grit and resilience
  • Equip students with problem resolution skills

Collaboration Among All Stakeholders

Every voice counts particularly the voices of students and their families.

  • Form committees to achieve specific objectives
  • Change the SDUHSD culture to be student centered
  • Engage all stakeholders to improve student outcomes

My Pledge

2020-2021 has been a time of intense controversy stemming from political agendas and special interest groups that are corrupting our school systems and hurting our students and community.


Our schools are facing unprecedented challenges from an illiberal ideology that filters social relations and outcomes through the lens of race crystalized as Critical Race Theory.


If elected, I will work hard to unite the SDUHSD community members from diverse racial, socio-economic, cultural, religious, and political backgrounds to make sure this divisive ideologies do not take root in our schools.


I am ready to serve my community and help our students develop critical thinking skills so that they can discern between facts and theories, education and indoctrination.

I need your help!

Together, let us empower students
to lead and succeed!

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