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My commitment advocating for student best interest is evident through my ventures, projects, initiatives, and voice.

“Our education system must be reformed to address the whole student. Technology has changed students’ lives. Clearly, students no longer need teachers to just impart information. Information abounds online and is overwhelming.  Instead student need to learn how to apply the information and make it relevant to their life. Student need role models to guide, coach, and mentor them to be self-reliant, resilient, and act responsibly.” Lea Wolf

Welcome and Hello

A Brief Background About Me

I’m Lea Wolf and I’m most passionate about transforming our schools so students enjoy their learning experience. 

I’m a long time Carmel Valley resident and a former New Yorker. Like many of you, I‘m an immigrant. My Russian-Israeli cultural background enables me to see the universe from a global perspective.  

I have a beautiful girl who attends Canyon Crest Academy. She inspires me to create projects with meaningful impact on communities in need. I have a keen insight into students’ needs through our collective Deeds by Kids™ projects. I strive to see life from children’s perspectives to empower them to lead and succeed. 

What Motivated Me to Get involved

Over the past few years, I’ve closely followed the issues plaguing school systems nationwide. I’ve launched projects researching mental health, bullying, sexual assault cases, school shootings, suicides, depression, stress, drugs, academic schedule and rigor, and more.

I came to realize that students are the most vulnerable stakeholders in schools. No one advocates for them. Guidance is poor or limited. They are overwhelmed and lost. In the past few years I’ve developed educational solutions to empower students and their families. I have developed training for administrators and leaders to change their leadership styles shifting from shielding institutional liability to acting with accordance of their fiduciary responsibility to students best interest.    

I an an active community member with high qualifications who regularly follow educational affairs, write letters to the Board, write opinion pieces, and have been interviewed by the media as it relates to San Dieguito Union High School District issues.

I am also the co-founder of Let’s Speak Up www.letsspeakup.org, a startup focused on empowering and advocating for students’ safety and well-being. I also compiled an extensive white paper on the unlawful practices of school officials that have normalized child abuse–examples such as Larry Nassar and Jerry Sandusky abound.   

Why Vote for Me? Because I’m the ONLY candidate in Area 5 with Real Commitment!

I am the ONLY candidate that has been tirelessly engaged in advocating for students.

I am also the ONLY candidate with the courage to speak up on issues involving students’ safety, well being, and opportunities for growth.

I’m the ONLY candidate who regularly attends school board meetings as a voice for students and parents.

I’m the ONLY candidate with Real Commitment to students safety and well-being I am the  co-founder of  www.letsspeakup.org 

I have the qualifications to make meaningful change!  

I need your help to

empower students to lead and succeed!

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