Attend to students’ needs So they succeed!

Empower students to lead and succeed

Leading with Integrity,  Transparency, and Compassion

Safety & Well-Being

We must change the way students feel at school. Students’ stress levels are at a high, resulting in anxiety, depression, bullying, that ultimately are the cause of school shootings and suicides.  We must ask ourselves what we can do to turn this around. I am convinced that integrating life skills into the core curriculum will bring significant improvement.

I’m committed to:

  • Securing our schools
  • Integrating life skills
  • Implementing restorative justice policies
  • Training students on their rights
  • Creating mentorship opportunities
  • Collaborating with special-needs parents
  • Evaluating, tracking and monitoring every student’s progress

Academics and Classroom

We must revisit the way students learn in school. Information must be imparted in smaller and stimulating class settings. We must engage students so information is personalized and relevant.

I’m committed to:

  • Lowering class sizes so interactions are intimate and stimulating
  • Integrating character development to strengthen students’ innerselves
  • Increasing the number of counselors available to students
  • Ensuring special needs students receive quality education

Financial Managment

I’m committed to better allocate funds so we can improve the school experience of all students.

I’m committed to:

  • Reducing our projected $12 million deficit
  • Evaluating and reallocating funds responsibly
  • Instituting check and balances
  • Instill a culture of fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability

Community Collaboration

I’m committed to bring the community together. Parents and the community as a whole engage in diverse programs to support and advocate for students.    

I’m committed to:

  • Improving communications
  • Engaging interactions
  • Creating mentorship opportunities
  • Instilling entrepreneurship
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