Election is Over. Our Advocacy Continues. 

Let Us Be Your Voice. Let’s Speak Up!

Our work has not ended quite yet, it only continues forward with strength, clarity, and courage.

Our community realized that our campaign has been the only true and independent voice for students, families, and taxpayers. We have garnered tremendous support in a short period of time, and community members want to ensure that we continue to educate, advocate, and be their voice.

We have one major virus that is harming our beautiful community, it is the loss of trust and confidence in the systems, organizations, and school officials, administrators, and others acting in their self-interest.

We entrust our kids in the hands of those who were supposed to protect them, their families, and the taxpayers, but instead, harm us all due to failed responsibility and lack of accountability.


Now, more than ever, we need YOUR help in restoring trust and confidence in the educational system and institutions surrounding our kids and families. We can only do it by holding accountable those who fail to ensure the safety and well-being of our community.  We have fought lies, censorship, and false narratives with courage, integrity, and resilience.


More than ever, community members need not only a safe space to share their stories, concern, and issues, but they also need to be equipped with tools, resources, and SOLUTIONS to resolve these matters effectively and responsibly. We are here to help with resources, expertise, and above all, we are committed to being your honest and unfaltering voice. However, we cannot do this alone, too much is at stake and we need whatever help you can offer.


Here are some ways to help our team to be more of an effective voice for you:

  • Content development
  • Public relations and media
  • Graphic design
  • Printing and marketing
  • Social media engagement
  • Legal or paralegal services
  • Tech expertise
  • Other resources

It’s time for a change of culture in SDUHSD.

We must shift from politics and special interest to students’ best interest.

We must create an environment for open and honest communication.


Please reach out to us with your suggestions and requests. We are here to be your voice.

Moving forward, if you would like to continue receiving our newsletter and further updates, you can:

  1. Keep your name on our distribution list
  2. Join our Let’s Speak Up group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/letsspeakup.org
  3. Visit the Let’s Speak Up website, www.letsspeakup.com

This is an exciting time for our community as we partner with one another in transitioning from a successful campaign that has both educated and empowered concerned parents. Your continued support and involvement will be crucial as the next chapter of this work begins. Bear with us as the website receives a facelift to encompass all of what our community strives to accomplish. This is truly the beginning of change in the making.

Join us to Let’s Speak UP. Empower@LetsSpeakUp.org  

Our students deserve better! Let’s keep fighting for students rights!

It is imperative to shift the culture and replace empty words with effective action plan and measurable outcomes.

“ Taxpayers and students need an independent representative who will look out for their interests…
a parent of a district student…with fresh ideas.
Lea is an outspoken voice for students and their parents… one of the few that dares to speak out.
Lea has the courage, commitment, and integrity to be a student-centered trustee.”

 John Salazar, SDUHSD Board Trustee

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