Nextdoor Account Shutdown Multiple Times

No Specific Examples of Violations Provided by Nextdoor Support

Here is the email I received from Nextdoor when I reached out to them about shutting down my account

Hi Lea,

Thanks for contacting us about this issue.

We temporarily restricted your Nextdoor account after we received a complaint regarding your recent content and found that you had violated our Community Guidelines on Don’t use Nextdoor as a soapbox.

Here is an example of the content that was brought to our attention:

@Cathrine, I am not against teachers union. The union role is to advocate for teachers. I am against poorly made decisions that harm students and taxpayers for the benefit of their special interest. Currently, three of the five SDUHSD Members are UNION FUNDED and CONTROLLED. So many decision made with their special interest harming students and taxpayers. Worse yet, the teachers union also harmed teachers with the increase of class size. Teachers told me in private that they are stressed and cannot manage these large class size.


Please note these are not my words. These articles are in a public domain. Here are links:

1. Former Union President Was Paid Over $1M from School Funds*

For 7-years, former teachers’ union president, Bob Croft, did not teach in the classroom and yet was paid his full salary from School District funds costing taxpayers over $1M.

2. Teachers Union Fund Candidates to Promote Their Interest

3. Teachers Master Contract in 2015-2016 approved raises and increases totaling 12.5% – 35%+ for all administrators, teachers, and staff. Also language has been placed in the contract that SDUHSD must be the highest paid in the county. That is not fiscally responsible at all. Also classes sizes increased from 32 MAX to 38.5 average, which now many classes are 41+.

Check these articles:

Check Salaries:


@Dave and the community,

I agree amazing teachers should be paid well. We also should be able to get rid of bad teachers or train them. All teachers pay should be tied to performance, feedback from students, credentials, and experience.

I oppose conflict of interest. I oppose abuse of power. I oppose policies harming students. I oppose lucrative contracts harming taxpayers funds.


Read the below testimonial from a former SDUHSD administrator who claims that the “union president… is often in cahoots with admin…to maintain their side deals.” Furthermore, it’s “Horrible for students that don’t fit their mold.”

Here is the source:


Super strong union president who is nicknamed the unofficial board member who is often in cahoots with admin on the sly to maintain their side deals. This means that bad teachers can be really bad with a complete disregard for consequences, but new employees don’t get adequate protection. Use of temporary contracts to the point of questionable legaility. I have seen a teacher work for 5-6 years on temp contract, not even working towards tenure, get elected Dept. Chair. Needs to advocate more for staff against legalistic parents. Horrible for students that don’t fit their mold.

Superintendent needs to hire people with experience to manage day to day operations of the Bond and construction. Poor upper management, who only want to ensure retirement is paid.


Great location and pay for teachers, so when it attracts good teachers, they are really great! Most students are high -SES and excellent in school, so you don’t have to do much to get results.

Advice to Management

Long-term politics and community engagement should not look like it is scripted from a television show or through appeasement. If you take care of your staff and students, you will have political capital. Anyone can get your test scores with this student clientele.

“ Taxpayers and students need an independent representative who will look out for their interests…
a parent of a district student…with fresh ideas.
Lea is an outspoken voice for students and their parents… one of the few that dares to speak out.
Lea has the courage, commitment, and integrity to be a student-centered trustee.”

John Salazar, SDUHSD Board Trustee

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