SDUHSD Controlled by the Union

Our board currently is controlled by the San Diego Faculty Association, which is the teachers’ union. They have managed to get three seats on the board. Poorly made decisions are due to the three to two majority board members.These three board members: Joyce Dallesandro, Amy Herman, and Beth Hergesheimer, the JABS. They repeatedly vote supporting Union and outside interests. The other two board members, John Salazar and Maureen Muir, are both independent and tirelessly vote to support student initiatives and protect taxpayer interests.

The JABs have instituted policies and passed contracts that hurt the community, students, and taxpayers. Furthermore, there is a perception that the Unions advocate and promote teachers’ interests. That is only partially true. The unions are there to enrich themselves and their organization. Actually, many of the pay increases that teacher got has compromised the quality of the education and teachers well-being.  Increase in class sizes has overwhelmed teachers and infused much stress to their quality of life due to inability to attend to students’ needs.  The district has incurred over 10 million in deficit. And many more issues emerge due to this conflictive and overpowering of outside influencers.

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