Conflict! Resistance to change status quo.  

Today, I take full ownership of the “storm” generated in the community! The storm emerged due to intense resistance to change the status quo at SDUHSD. The storm, a.k.a. conflict, is a war of preserving the control of special interest at the expense of students and taxpayers.

The storm is the attempt to keep covering up the REAL issues. It is an attempt to silence the truth!    

So when people in the community finally share REAL issues, they are being labeled as negative, “trouble- makers”, and controversial. And if anyone dares to speak up about these REAL issues, there is retaliation. The fear of retribution against our children has been used as leverage to silence our community.

The silence induced with fear in our community is REAL.  That’s why I say NO MORE!

I say no more to silence! I say NO MORE to special interest. I say Yes, to students’ interest!

My voice is only echoing our students, parents, and taxpayers. My words are resonating because I say what people think but are afraid to say.

Some of you may label it “aggressive,” but I say it is “assertive.”  I do not sugar coat REAL issues because I seek REAL solutions! I say things as they are, so we are all clear about the root of the issue, not obscuring REAL issues with some politically correct rhetoric.   

The storm is our wakeup call to resist suicide, depression, drugs, and bullying as the “new normal.”

The storm is a wakeup call to resist reckless spending of taxpayers’ funds for “special interest.”

The storm is generated because the REAL issues are being surfaced to the top.

And now we must confront REAL issues with REAL solutions.

I encourage everyone to refocus our attention on the purpose of school. Seek and speak the truth so we together emerge stronger for the well-being of our students.  

We must change the paradigm. Let’s weather the storm together! Let’s unite for the benefit of our students. Let’s allocate taxpayers funds to the purpose it’s intended. Let’s push the boundaries so we together can bring about meaningful change.

I’m only the voice for your students, taxpayers, and community at large.

Yes, I’m glad I generated the storm because we must be free to complain, criticize, and voice concerns. These are simply great opportunities for improvement and innovative solutions.

Our leadership must create a safe environment for open and honest communications.

We can solve any problem together. It is not difficult. But we need leadership with integrity, transparency, and compassion for our students.


Stability! No more resistance and the beginning of acceptance.

Norming is a stage where the heightened intensity is subdued. Norming restores the stability. It is a stage of restoring trust and confidence. Stability is achieved by acknowledging the problems as REAL! And we refocus our attention on the purpose of school and our customers’ needs, our “customers” being our students.

In norming, we collect and share REAL information. We listen, ask questions, and explain the current struggles. We engage our customers, our students, to understand their needs. We provide a safe environment for open and honest conversations. We accept differences and similarities. We welcome and respect opposing views.

I hope by now we realize that our students’ well-being is the most important priority in the school system. Nothing else! Let’s refocus on students’ well-being. Let’s reallocate taxpayers’ funds from special interest to serve students’ interest.  


Making Changes! Planning for REAL Action.

The reforming stage focuses on a collaborative effort of evaluating practices, policies, process and procedures, and human resources required to bring about change.  It is aligning the resources required to serve students’ needs. The reforming stage is a comprehensive and collective effort of developing a comprehensive action plan with tools, techniques, resources, and support systems.  


Implementing the Action Plan with Measurable Outcomes

The Performing stage is focused on implementing the action plan. It is focused on closely monitoring and evaluating outcomes with a measurable matrix. In a performing stage everyone is held accountable to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

I have full trust and confidence in our students.  Our students can help lead our district to transform their school experience. Our high achieving students can lead a meaningful change by developing effective solutions to their real problems.

Let’s allow our students to help reform, perform, storm, and norm.

“ Taxpayers and students need an independent representative who will look out for their interests…
a parent of a district student…with fresh ideas.
Lea is an outspoken voice for students and their parents… one of the few that dares to speak out.
Lea has the courage, commitment, and integrity to be a student-centered trustee.”

 John Salazar, SDUHSD Board Trustee

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