It’s time for change…

Your Whole-Child Counts!

  • Your child’s safety and well-being counts!
  • Your child’s academics counts!
  • Your child’s learning experience counts!

Leading with Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability

It’s time for change…


Change the balance of power to put students first by:

  • Securing schools so students feel safe.   
  • Reducing class sizes to fully engage students.
  • Increasing college counselors to guide students. 
  • Allocating funds responsibly to increase students programs.
  • Integrating life skill programs to empower students.
  • Instituting practices to infuse trust and confidence 
  • Transforming methods to personalize students’ learning experience.

I’m committed to serve students’ needs in a timely manner!

It’s time for change…

I need your help!

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