Gibson failed to support students and the community!

Weak stance on assault weapons

On Sept 5, 2018, a resolution by the Del Mar Union School District to ban “semi-automatic firearms, high-capacity magazines, armor-piercing ammunition, bump stocks, and any other equipment, alteration, or modification that would increase a firearm’s capacity for ammunition or rate of fire…” was defeated when Kristin Gibson cast the deciding vote against the resolution in a 3 to 2 vote.

Kara Chine, speaking on behalf of Team Enough, a group of teen activists from Canyon Crest Academy, Torrey Pines High School and San Dieguito High School Academy, argued that the words that the district uses do matter and a resolution could have an impact.

“(Team Enough) would like me to implore you to use your language, use your leadership and acknowledge your responsibility to the children of your district…They are a generation of future voters that know things must change and will,” said Chine. “They are tired of being afraid and they are looking at their communities, their teachers, their city leaders to make clear stands with specific language about what can or can’t happen in the schools. They hope to see these places as sanctuaries of safety again.”

Panebianco argued that a resolution is not meaningless when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell talks about gun control being solved at the local level and the U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos considers allowing states to use federal educational grants to purchase guns for schools.

“Your voice matters,” Panebianco urged. “What you say to our officials matters. They care what you think and what represents us.”

Kristen Gibson failed to listen to students and the community members impassioned pleas. Instead Gibson voted for the Gun Manufacturers and NRA.

Vote Melisse Mossy, Maureen Muir, and Lea Wolf for SDUHSD School Board.

Integrity. Transparency. Compassion. 


“ Taxpayers and students need an independent representative who will look out for their interests…
a parent of a district student…with fresh ideas.
Lea is an outspoken voice for students and their parents… one of the few that dares to speak out.
Lea has the courage, commitment, and integrity to be a student-centered trustee.”

John Salazar, SDUHSD Board Trustee

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