Whole student counts!

Empower every student to lead and succeed!

I’m committed

to lead with Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability

Stand up for students’ needs…


Currently decisions are made by 2/3 majority board members who represent the Teachers Union. We must shift the majority board to be independent stakeholders who genuinely care and committed not only to their children but to every student in the district.  We must shift the power.

Let’s elect board members who are committed to our students and taxpayers!

  • Securing schools so students feel safe
  • Reducing class size to increase engagement
  • Increasing counselors to support students needs
  • Allocating funds responsibly to increase student programs
  • Preparing students for their college and career
  • Integrating life skills to manage day-to-day situations
  • Creating opportunties to discover their passions
  • Collaborating with the community on innovative initiatives

I’m your advocate…

Just like you I care

  • I’m a Parent
  • I’m a Taxpayer 
  • I’m a Problem Solver 

I need your help…


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