I’m Committed to Transform Schools to

Attend to Your Child Needs!

  • Your child’s safety and well-being!
  • Your child’s learning experience!
  • Your child’s future success!

I’m committed

to lead with Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability

It’s time for change…


“Our education system must transform to respond to technological revolution that has changed students’ life. Clearly, students no longer need teachers to impart information that is readily accessible online. Instead they need more personalized lessons that are practical and can be applied to their success in life.” LeaWolf 

Change the balance of power to put students first by:

  1. Securing schools so students feel safe
  2. Lowering class size
  3. Increasing college counselors 
  4. Integrating TechED to understand real life applications
  • Integrating leadership skills
  • Connecting to career opportunities
  • Stimulating and personalized learning experience
  • Creating opportunities to make a meaningful impact

I’m committed to serve students’ needs in a timely manner!

I’m committed just like you to


  • I’m a Parent
  • I’m a Leadership Coach 
  • I’m an Entrepreneur 

It’s time for change…

I need your help!

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