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to lead with Integrity, Transparency, and Compassion

It’s time for some meaningful changes…Here is why

It’s time for some meaningful changes…

Marsha Sutton, Del Mar Times Educational Reporter 

Poor Approval Ratings…Poor Leadership

A July 2018 Survey conducted by Hazard, Young, Attea and Associates to evaluate the “State of the District” shows:

  • 45% “There is transparent communication from the District.”
  • 47% “Teachers personalize instructional strategies …”
  • 51% “The district is fiscally responsible.”
  • 53% “The district is heading in the right direction.”
  • 61% “District schools are safe.”

Carey Blakely, The Coast News Reporter

It’s time for some changes…

Empower students by attending to their needs and promoting their interest!

I’m endorsing Lea Wolf for San Dieguito Union High School District (SDUHSD) Trustee (area 5).

Lea is a outspoken voice for students and their parents. Lea is one of the few voices that dares to speak out. She has the courage, the commitment, and integrity to be a student-centered trustee.  Lea has spoken out on topics ranging from student safety, security, and well-being to reducing class sizes and increasing counselors to budgetary concerns and misuse of taxpayer funds. Lea supports fiscal accountability, transparency and allocating taxpayer funds responsibly.

I urge you to support, volunteer and vote for Lea Wolf for SDUHSD Trustee area 5.

John Salazar, SDUHSD Trustee Board Member

  • Setting up a uniform vision and culture across the district
  • Instituting policies and structure that promote students interests
  • Connecting and collaborating with the community
  • Allocating funds responsibly
  • Leading with integrity, transparency, and compassion

I’m your advocate…

Like you, I’m a parent, an educator, and a taxpayer.
I’m committed to students’ safety and well-being.

I met Lea several months ago. From the first glance I felt a strong positive energy of a bright and sharp person. She is a knowledgeable, multicultural, open minded and open heart individual, all those qualities help her to understand students and parents with diverse cultural backgrounds. Lea is an absolutely pro-student rights advocate. She has a strong character to put child well being first and has persistence to achieve it. I so much grateful to her for the support she provided to my son and my family in resolving issues with the school and the school district.   Vote 4 Lea!

Alex L. SDUHSD Parent

Join the cause!

Put students first!

I am so happy to endorse Lea Wolf. She represents SDUHSD area 5. Lea has a true passion for ALL children and their well-being! I love her honesty, compassion, and the way she collaborates with others. She insists on having full transparency and accountability among all stakeholders in the school system. Please vote for Lea Wolf!

Julie Law-Cheeseman, CAC rep. for SDUHSD, NCCSE Executive Board, SDUHSD Special Education Task Force Member.

I need your help!

Together, let us empower students
to lead and succeed!

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