JUM, Torrey Hills, 92130

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all that you are doing to try to bring some much needed change to our schools, specifically San Dieguito Union High School District. I graduated from TPHS in 1999 and I am now a step mom of a junior at SDUHSD, so I am definitely aware of what continues to go on in our public schools. My fiancé and I are firm believers in telling the truth and giving the facts, which includes not allowing CRT to be taught in our schools. We stand with you and are routing for you! You definitely have both of our votes. Please continue fighting for our kids! We need a strong, independent leader like you. Thank you, once again, for all that you are doing. It does not go unnoticed. For what it is worth, please don’t pay attention to all of the persons who have nothing better to do than to make rude, waste of breath comments about your spelling and grammar. They have nothing better to say because they obviously don’t have much going on upstairs. It’s quite sad.

VCR, Parent CMVS 92130

Lea, we are in same boat w objecting to vacc mandate!! Should be parents choice. I don’t want to comment publicly but to refute 3 comments already coming in to yr post…

1. This vacc is very different than the others. They are ignorant in saying it’s the same.

2. It has not been tested over years like the other vaccines have

3. We are not anti vacc parents.

We anticipated this mandate and pulled our child from public and is now in private. We would have her go back to public if/when safe from mandate, explicit sec Ed, CRT, etc… FYI we were lucky to get a spot at a Christian school but you don’t have to have the same faith to attend there. If u hear families looking for a school option (and they don’t want to move or homeschool) have them reach out to me, Very happy there.

Keep fighting for us Lea!!! Doing great!!

BKC, Community Members 92130

My wife and I have been Carmel Valley residents since 2002, and until last year my business had been located here since 1993…

Since 1994, we have seen the Board do things terribly helpful to the students, as well as many very questionable activities. We are both empty nesters, and have never had our children in the district, but nevertheless have very strong opinions and concerns about this District.

You have said you are opposed to special interest groups and advocate for students. Bravo! But what types of groups are those?

We would like to place our vote very carefully.

WCO, Community Members 92130

This is WC responding on behalf of my Mom (DC) and myself.  We are both registered Republican voters living in Torrey Hills and grateful for your sensible position against CRT.  It was also helpful to learn that your opponent Ms. Bronstein is being supported by the Teacher’s Union, which speaks volumes on what her positions and priorities would be.

Dropping you this note to tell you how disappointed we are that your meet ups are scheduled in the early morning hours.  While the locations at Del Mar Heights shopping center are very convenient, we can’t make it during 8:30 am and 10 am, but would love to meet you in person if any afternoon events are scheduled.

Dr. SHAK, Community member 92130

I applaud your courage. Press on! Most of these people are only listening to MSM and hoping that everything they are told by Big Pharma, Fauci, the FDA, the CDC, and Biden is accurate and above board. There is much more going on here than meets the eye. The longterm effects of these mRNA jabs may indeed be more disastrous than they can conceive. And on one level they have to take their views to feel safe, given their past decisions. The lack of longterm results is the first reason to not mandate these jabs for anyone. You are providing a service to the community. As troublesome and times consuming as it may seem at times. People need to wake up. Eventually they will, but that could be on the “too late” side of things. People are mostly hoping they did the right thing.

Dr. DASH, Community member 92130

Lea, you deserve praise not ridicule for your support against mandates. I read their comments and each one has a BIG HOLE in it. They are brain-washed and fearful. Many people are not going to learn until the deaths of those who have been jabbed is abundantly obvious given the numbers. There are no long term controlled trials. The placebo control groups for these 2 mRNA gene-therapies were collapsed at 3 months which is an outrageous violation of rigorous science, especially given the horrific history with these mRNA gene-therapies in animals. No animal studies were conducted on these gene-therapies. The VAERS reports, especially for children and adolescents, makes a strong case to avoid mandates. More people have died from these jabs than all other real vaccines combined in the last 15 years. Sweden has just made the case to drop the Moderna jab for those who are 30 and younger.

DEL, TPHS Parent 92130

Hi Lea,  I was not sure who I wanted to vote for in this election.  After reading your posts and comments, I now know who I’m voting for…YOU!  I’m anti-mandate as well.  My daughter (TPHS)  is turning 16 this month and I’m scared to death what’s going to happen to her when they kick her out for not being vaccinated.  I feel like I’m in the book 1984!  Make Orwell fiction again!  If there is anything I can do to help support your campaign, please reach out.  I wish you the best and hope you get elected and help protect our rights as parents & as Americans!

GLK, Parent, Educator, Community member 92130

What’s your view on CRT and the new graduation requirement regarding it?

[Lea Wolf: I oppose CRT!]

What is your view about the DOJ categorizing patents who attend school board meetings as domestic terrorists?

[Lea Wolf: It’s intent to silence and intimidate parents from speaking up.]

I never vote in these elections, but I will if I think it will make a difference.

I sincerely hope you win. As a parent, educator, and a citizen I commend you.

ATM, Former TPHS Teacher 92130

I hope you win, I encourage all my friends and neighbors to vote for you.  I will never support totalitarianism!

I am a recently retired teacher, 23 years as a teacher at TPHS. I implore you to ban critical race theory from our classrooms.  Our country has not been this divided since the 60’s.   The great Martin Luther King would not condone what the BLM and CRT are doing.   When you treat people differently because of the color of their skin, you encourage racism.   Should we assume that all people of a certain race are exactly the same, NO!  If MLK would not endorse it, you should not either.

VCC, Former SDUHSD Parent

You are brave and courageous! We need you! We pulled our daughter from Earl Warren due to CRT, sex Ed, and the principals non-answers. We are at a private school now and happy. Broke but happy. :)) but I’m very watchful with everything still going on in our district. We applaud your strength!! Keep going bc you are right on!!!!!

ALB, Community Member 92130

Thank you Lea, you are doing a great job. If we don’t speak – who will?

I think one of them complained about me – the uncomfortable facts – and now they are about to bump me out. But no despair, I will be back because at my age I already know I am smarter than these fake communists.  What kills me more than anything is that are Jewish! In my life I could not image that people of my tribe in our time can be so blind, so disinformed, so indifferent to Israel, and so “liberal first”…(as Trotsky)

PAM, Community Member 92130

I agree 100% with your stance on opposing the mandate, opposing CRT, and demanding accountability. You’re a brave woman standing up for what you believe in here at Del Mar with all the crazies! I will continue to spread the word about how much we need you here as a leader. Stay strong and please remember there are many many of us out here who appreciate your dedication to our community!

ROB, Carmel Valley parent 92130

You are courageous and amazing!!!! I am in awe of yr strength!!! Good job!!!! Big hug!!! You’ve got our vote!

GIA, Parent at TPHS 92130

You have my and my family votes!

MMP, Parent 92130

Just wanted to say that I am sorry you have to put up with all these negative comments. I love what you stand for and more power to you! Good luck, hope you win the election.

LOB, Carmel Valley 92130

I appreciate your post on the school districts that voted no on the mandates.  I am glad I saw it before it was removed.  I am very concerned about our children.  Numerous studies show wearing masks all day lowers oxygenation to the brain.  I also think people should have medical freedom over what they chose to put in their body.

CLP, Parent 92130

Thank you for your dedication to the children of SDUHSD. You have our votes,
and we appreciate your commitment to both student and staff accountability,
and to halting the  divisive agenda of the union leaders and an alarming
contingency of teachers and administrators.

Wishing you a victory and success ahead as a new governing board member.

CAV, Community Member 92130

CRT is possibly the most divisive and racist ideology I’ve seen in my lifetime.

I was excited to see your statement against CRT on your website. Very bold of you to post it so prominently. You seem to have a fighting spirit.

You’ve got my vote. Best of luck to you!

RAS, Community Member 92130

Good luck Lea

You are doing the right thing. Every member of the community needs to rally around you on this. It is a disgrace what the unions are doing. Attached is a proposed speech to any board with a lot of good talking points to expose these people for what they are. I got this from a friend of mine and have passed it around to everyone I know.

ELF, Parents at TPHS 92130

I completely agree with your stated positions. I shared our conversation with my wife Linda and asked some follow-up with Ty. We also see the call to action you just put out. Brilliant

You have our votes!

GPG, Parent 92130

I have two children in the SDUHSD system. You have my vote.  I am part of a large women’s group that has formed recently who are all on the same page with regards to these issues.

I will forward your remarks to them. This is encouraging – we need you on this Board as a trustee.

MTD, Carmel Del Mar, 92130

Keep fighting the good fight.   Our kids and future are worth it.   I applaud your courage to put yourself out there on a public stage and run for public office. You got 3 votes from my household.

CMR, Community Member 92130

I appreciate your high ethics, principles, and values. I do not always agree with you, but we need a trustee who is honest, direct, and strong to hold everyone accountable. You’ve got our vote. 

SUL, Former TPHS Parent

My husband and I have seen your ads and fully support your school board candidacy…Our son attended Torrey Pines High School in 2001 for 1 year.

APN, Parent 92130

While I do you not always agree with everything you post, I do admire your standing up for your beliefs. For that, you have my vote.

TOP, Community Member 92130

Hello Lea.

You seem very qualified for the school board position but I would like to know how you feel about critical race theory. Thank you

MIZ, CCA Parent 92130

Thanks a lot for fighting against CRT and the far lefty.  You have mine and my friend\’s support.

Do you still have yard sign ?  I\’ll be happy to put it on my front yard.

CAS, Parent 92130

My husband and I saw that you were the only one who seems ready to speak up for kids around vaccine and mask choice and no CRT so you’re our gal. Will support you in anyway we can.

MER, Community Member 92130

Lea!  You are so impressive!!  I love your website and I would like to help you.

I can post flyers, I can place yard signs, and I walk with you.


I feel blessed to know you. 

CGR, Community Member 92130

I support your campaign 100%  im glad you are trying to stand up to tyranny and political idiocy.

school should be for teaching basics , not polotics

TM, Parent and Community Member 92130

You’ve got my vote!

JG, Community Member 92130

Thank you for running! You got my vote.

DR. MLU, Community Member

I greatly support your candidacy and I look forward to voting for you.

SUC, Former SDUHSD Parents 92130

Lived here 23 yrs & appreciate your direction! I’ll also have my husband & son vote for you. All the best!

DWL, Parent 92130

You’ve got our vote!

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